US 2022 Calendar With Holidays, Festivals

Attention all citizens of the United States as here are US 2022 calendar with holidays, festivals, and observances. If you are looking for the dates of Federal holidays, monthly observances, public holidays for each and every month of this year, you should continue. The United States is one of those counties which celebrates few holidays. Today, I’m gonna provide you holidays 2022 calendar of the US featuring all 12 months of the 2022 year along with upcoming festivals and observances. Although I’ve already shared US 2022 printable calendar, but this article is dedicated to the holidays of this year. So brace yourself and continue your reading.

US 2022 Calendar with Holidays

Let’s being with the first ever Federal holiday which is of-course New Year’s Day on the very first day of the year. There will be one more Federal holiday in the first month and it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It will be celebrated on the 17th of January across the United States. Some state holidays are also there including Robert E. Lee’s Birthday, Idaho Human Rights Day, Civil Rights Day in the month of January. The next Federal holiday will be on 21st of February for President’s Day. Feel free to use 12 month 2022 calendar printable.

us 2022 calendar with holidays

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United States 2022 Festivals Calendar

There will be no Federal holiday in the months of March and April. However, there are some state holidays in these months like Texas Independence Day, Evacuation Day, Good Friday, Patriot’s Day, San Jacinto Day. The next Federal holiday will be on 30th of May for Memorial Day. In the month of July, the United States celebrates its Independence Day on 4th of July. Want to make schedule for 6 months? Try 6 months 2022 calendar for this.

us 2022 calendar with holidays

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2022 calendar with holidays

2022 Holidays Calendar for the United States

Now let’s talk about the remaining federal holidays of this year. The United States of America will celebrate the Labor Day on 5th of September across the nation. Thereafter, October month brings another federal holiday in the form of Columbus Day and this year, it will be on the 10th of October. November month brings two federal holidays which are Veterans Day the on 11th November and Thanksgiving Day on the 24th of November. In the last month, Christmas Day is celebrated across the nation on the 25th of December every year.

us 2022 calendar with holidays

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us 2022 calendar with holidays

So these are the 2022 holidays calendars of the United States which you can use to make schedule for the whole year. Save and print these yearly planners to manage your activities and get the desired results. I hope you like these calendars. If you really do, kindly share them with others also.

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